Special Order Cameos

We can order a special cameo for you with an image of your choice. We provide you with a free estimate of the cost to begin the process.

For the estimate we need to have a good profile photo of the image you want to use for your cameo. It can be a person, adult or child, a dog or other pet, or anything that can reasonably be carved into a cameo. We also need to know if you want to use a carnelian or a sardonyx shell for the cameo and what type of setting to use, whether 14K gold or sterling silver. Tell us the size you want as well.

After we have all this information, we can get a good estimate of the cost for you. Once you have the estimate, then you can decide if you want to proceed with the special order. If you do, then we ask for half of the estimate as a down payment. After you have made the downpayment, the order goes to the carver in Italy. Special orders are usually done by one of our master carvers.

It typically takes at least two months for a special order to be completed. When we receive the cameo, we send the final bill. The cameo is shipped to you after payment is completed. Since the cameo has been carved according to your request, special orders are not returnable.

Special order cameos are unique and will be beautiful works of art for your loved ones that will be treasured for generations to come.

Contact us to start your special order.