Special Care for Cameos

Cameos are pieces of art, and must be cared for accordingly. Store your cameo away from heat or bright lights, in a softly lined box, and remember that simple cleaning is probably the best method:

  • Dust your cameo regularly with a soft brush.
  • While dusting, pay attention to the deep ridges in the cameo where dust is likely to collect. Dust can scratch a cameo, so it is important to keep it as dust-free as possible.
  • After dusting you may rinse a shell cameo with warm water, drying it afterward with a soft cotton cloth. Shell cameos are easily damaged, so avoid using soap, harsh cleaners or commercial jewelry cleaners.
  • Mother-of-pearl cameos can be cleaned with a mixture of mild soap and warm water before being dried with a soft cloth.

Thanks to Anna M. Miller’s book Cameos Old & New for these special cleaning suggestions.